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Website Promo Shots

Story by Simeon Rusnak November 13th, 2015

Promotional work

It’s always fun shooting with a friend. Especially with a friend who happens to be an amazing opera singer building a website. Lida needed some promotional images and I was happy to help her out. We went for a clean, simple and minimal look!

003-150816Lida4557-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
004-150816Lida4606-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
002-150816Lida4510-Edit-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
001-150816Lida4938_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
005-150816Lida4630-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
007-150816Lida4647-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
011-150816Lida4836_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
001-150816Lida4854_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
010-150816Lida4719-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg


The Manitoba Hydro Place provided just the space and, with a quick outfit change, we were able to move to something a bit more dramatic!

015-150816Lida4998-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
016-150816Lida5052-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
001-150816Lida5058-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
014-150816Lida4997-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
018-150816Lida5109-Edit_SimeonRusnak-FINAL WEB.jpg
Manitoba Hydro Place, Winnipeg, MB, Canada